Regular Giving – help our fundraising go further

At our recent AGM, the Trustees proposed offering a Regular Giving Scheme to help with the fundraising effort that keeps Rescare going. The Scheme will also save time spent by our staff and volunteers writing to members to request an annual “Membership Fee.” Please consider switching to giving a regular amount to Rescare each month, […]

Rescare’s Befriending project seeks families in need of support

As our members know we have always sought to promote the security and welfare of people with learning disabilities and their families. We work in conjunction with all concerned to secure an environment and facilities, to enable a full and happy life, with the type of care most appropriate to their needs and abilities. Feedback […]

The (in)accuracy of the ‘learning disability register’.

There is understatement, and then there is a ministerial statement on ‘the learning disability register’ in a Lords debate yesterday. Arriving at a headcount of people with a learning disability in the UK, or in the constituent nations, is no simple matter. But it’s not made easier, when sets of data are held by  various  […]

Catch 22 – Access to Child Trust Funds

Oh the irony. The Mental Capacity Act is effectively denying young adults with learning disabilities access as they turn 18, to the money in Child Trust Funds (special savings accounts) opened for them when they were children. This article on the BBC News website explains this Catch-22 situation, and how to make matters worse, the […]

Raising Awareness of the Mental Capacity Act

In March 2014, the House of Lords Select Committee on the Mental Capacity Act 2005 published its ‘Mental Capacity Act 2005: post-legislative scrutiny’  report, celebrating the ethos and achievements of the MCA, but calling for awareness and implementation of it to be extended. Lack of awareness of the Act, especially amongst those who would benefit […]

Rescare film “Learning Disability the Right to Choose” now available to view online!

On Monday June 8th Rescare launched its film “Learning Disability the Right to Choose” via a well-attended  Zoom meeting. The film aimed to highlight current challenges facing people with learning disabilities, their families and carers; and to clarify and restate Rescare’s  future priorities and objectives. This short film is now available to view via YouTube […]

Lords consider effect of pandemic on social care.

The House of Lords yesterday debated (via a Virtual Proceedings) the effect of the current pandemic on social care, and especially on the care of those with  disabilities or considered vulnerable. The whole debate (transcript here) makes for interesting reading (There are an awful lot of pledges to change and reform social care ‘flying around’), […]

50 Years of Caring. A Parent Writes…

The following text was received from a long-standing Rescare member. As a parent and carer, she contributed to our anthology ‘Bound to Care’,  first published in 1996, which collated the experiences of eight family carers. So 23 years later, we can update you with the further experiences on one particular family. Note that we at […]