objectives and values

Our Objectives

  • To promote the relief and welfare of children and adults with learning disabilities and their families
  • To campaign for adequate provision in terms of social care, health care, housing and education, and for choice in provision
  • To support the rights of parents and family carers to be consulted, and to exercise choice, regarding such provision
  • To support parents and family carers by providing access to sources of information
  • To make representations to local and central government e.g. with regard to the drafting and implementation of legislation
  • To present petitions to Parliament or the Prime Minister’s Office
  • To respond and contribute to consultations by government ministries, and non-governmental agencies e.g. the Law Commission
  • To consult with Rescare’s members and represent their concerns to relevant parties
  • To publish a regular newsletter, Resnews, for its membership
  • To maintain a website reflecting and publicising Rescare’s objectives and  concerns; and providing information and news on learning disability issues

Our Values

  • We advocate the meeting of needs and the promoting of choice.
  • We seek choice in education, housing and care provision, not ‘one size fits all’ solutions
  • We support for the rights of parents and family carers to be consulted and listened to.
  • We believe that professionals and families in partnership can achieve the best outcome with the best value for money.


Rescare continues to campaign for proper provision in terms of social care, health care, education and residential/housing provision, why not get involved with Rescare and set the change in motion and start transforming lives today.



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