In the last two years, St. Elizabeth’s Adult Care Home in Hertfordshire,  has faced two unprecedented challenges – the Covid-19 pandemic, and a chronic national shortage of trained staff.

The latter has placed St Elizabeth’s under relentlessly increasing pressure and it has become only too clear that they can no longer guarantee the safety of their residents because they cannot recruit and retain sufficient numbers of trained staff.

In the best interests of those in care, and with no prospect of safely staffing the service in the longer term or meeting the standards required , the Trustees of St. Elizabeth’s have reluctantly concluded they have no option other than to close the Adult Care Home on 30 November, 2022.

St Elizabeth’s are working closely with family members, our commissioners and our regulators – the Care Quality Commission and Ofsted – to ensure a smooth, stress-free transfer to a new service for all of our residents.

St Elizbeth’s will however, continue to operate as a residential school and college, supporting children and young people with epilepsy and other complex conditions, where there is an increasing need for our specialist care.

Take a listen on BBC website which also includes an interview from Juliet Anderson who chairs the family association at St Elizabeth’s. (Time Stamp: 20:03)

BBC News Feature : 23.7.22


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