Photo: Liam & John Murphy

Stix Mindfulness will launch on the 12th April in response to the alarming rise in poor mental health among young people.

Stix Mindfulness is a screen-free electronic device that uses audio to guide children through a variety of fun and therapeutic mindfulness based activities. It is supported by an app to reward the young user for continued practice.

“We have gamified mindfulness for children and through practice of mindful activities, enable them to take control of their mental wellbeing,” explains Liam who has won a series of awards for his innovative approach to problem solving.

Stix responds to an alarming rise in mental health stresses among young people – worsened by the impact of the pandemic on both their education and social lives. An estimated one in six children and young people in the UK now have a diagnosable mental health condition, and many continue to have these problems into adulthood.

Studies show that mindfulness training not only improves overall children’s mental well-being, but can reduce anxiety, depression and stress after just a few sessions. It can also boost test scores, improve family relationships, and make for better sleep.

The idea for Stix came about after Liam, who witnessed mental health issues in the family home, set out to design a product to help children learn wellbeing techniques at a young age. He teamed up with his father, John, in 2020 to turn the concept into a business.

Liam said: “It’s such an honour to be developing this type of product. Seeing the reactions and feedback from children and their parents drives me everyday”


Liam Murphy, Co Founder |




The product is made up of two Stix remotes, one held in each hand; the child selects an activity and follows audio instructions provided by the Stix.  Stix then monitors movements and gives visual, haptic and auditory feedback.  Progress and rewards can be reviewed on the app and are illustrated through the development of an interactive cute ‘monster’ character.  Stix is targeted at children aged 5 to 11.


Stix is an award winning start-up. Notable achievements include:

-Completion of CRL Accelerator Programme

-Health & Wellbeing Entrepreneur of the year 2020, Great British Entrepreneur Awards

-Hustle Awards 2021 runner up

-Innovate UK Smart Grant

-Pilot testing in schools

-Innovate UK Young Innovators Award