Can you spare a few hours a month to help Rescare support families of learning disabled people?

We are looking for volunteers as:

• Local group members – Rescare has a tradition of local groups fighting local campaigns – could you join a group in your area that meets 3-6 times a year?
• Telephone helpline volunteers – full training and support provided. Empathetic and kind people needed!
• Fundraising volunteers – fancy a run for Rescare/ Zoom quiz/ sponsored silence? Every penny we raise helps support Rescare’s campaigns
• Befriending volunteers – keeping in touch with families who are struggling by phone/ email/ in person when we can do so again.

Volunteer meeting online on 2nd September:

We will be meeting online using Zoom on Weds 2nd September at 5-6pm. Join the meeting from 4:45pm. Please email us for details.

If you are interested in volunteering for Rescare please email us at office@rescare.org.uk  We will then send you information and a link to the above meeting if you’d like to be in it. Zoom training available if you are not familiar with Zoom and want to join the meeting.