Focus on Covid-19: The Impact on Carers & Families

What follows was written a members’  forum on Covid-19 in November 2020.

Linked documents and webinars and information may still be relevant.

The situation,  mid November 2020:

Over the last 3 weeks I have been attempting to prepare material 

a) to comprise an article in our Resnews newsletter  and

b) to inform  Rescare members participating in a Covid-19 Zoom forum on Wednesday (18th November).

The document I created has been subject to constant rewrites, as I have been overtaken by events, e.g. the move from localised and graduated  ‘Tiers’ to full lockdown (Lockdown 2), and the  focus in recent days on the visiting rights of carers to care homes and residential placements, and the damage done by the restrictions on visits.

Please now view or download  our  document on the effect  of the Covid-19 emergency legislation on families and family carers, as either a PDF  or a Word document.

(Somewhere in the edit process , a couple of the web links in this document have been lost or broken. These will be fixed as soon as possible. JR)

In the document, I site my participation in a 39 Essex Street (legal chambers) webinar: ‘Care and support for disabled and elderly people during Lockdown 2 in England – key legal considerations’. Worth taking a look at the recording of this, which is now available to view.

Alex Ruck Keene was also involved in an even more recent webinar hosted by LDE ‘Mental Capacity and Covid Mythbusting’, now posted on Youtube at .